Unit Pricing

We offer a wide range of unit sizes to meet your needs. Consult the chart below to determine what size storage unit to reserve.

Unit Size Monthy rate Temperature Controlled Equivalent to This unit will hold
5' x 10'
50 sq. ft.
$ 50 $ 60 Walk-in Closet Small furniture, chairs, chest of drawers, box spring and mattress, business supplies and records. Plus other small items and boxes.
10' x 10'
100 sq. ft.
$ 60 $ 75 1/2 of 1-car garage One-bedroom apartment with other furniture and supplies.
10' x 15'
150 sq. ft.
$ 70 $ 85 2/3 of 1-car garage A two-bedroom apartment or house, including appliances, boxes and miscellaneous items or commercial storage inventory.
10' x 20'
200 sq. ft.
$ 80 $ 95 Standard 1-car garage A three bedroom house with major appliances, plus lots of boxes. Business storage files and inventory ideal for storage racks.